Gamification and Team Performance

I’ve been playing video games since 1991 and have been interested in gamification for a while now. Can I make work more “fun” by adding gaming elements to our work? How can I blend management goals and improve team performance at the same time?

How about an experiment on my teams that we can review 4 weeks from now? Let’s start by defining the the opportunity areas within the team. Having a very clear goal is paramount to any project!

  • [Behavioural] Improve communication within the team and stakeholders
  • [Work] Consistency in the quality of work delivered

Day 1 (today): I’ll set up a meeting or two to kick-off and set up agreed goals, milestones and games around these topics. While I have my ideas on what and how to do, it pays to let people contribute to increase ownership.

See you in a few days for the next update!

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