Atomic Habits by James Clear

1% Better Everyday

Book 1 of 52 – This book reminded me of what it felt like to be a very driven individual. Every inch of advantage in the battlefield is important. We have to look for our gains in every possible corner. The opportunities are there, we just need to be mindful of them first and the get in the action.

Action Items that I’d like to start with:

  • Work – Set up regular meetings with each of my direct reports to set, measure and achieve department performance goals
  • Health – Get back into the habit of preparing exercise clothing the night before
  • Fun – Dial down on social media and read books instead
  • Family – Help keep the house clean by vacuuming the house every morning

2022 Book Challenge

New Year, New Post! One of my goals for the year is to read more books to help myself grow, learn and entertained. I am looking forward to read 52 books across 52 weeks. The last time that I did this challenge was 2015 and was meant to help me read faster and longer.

As I finish each book, I will highlight a quote or a thought that resonates with me – and then turn it into some action item. i.e. All things being equal, it’s better to know only one idea and practice it rather than know ten ideas and do nothing about it.

I’ll keep a list of the books here + in GoodReads.

hello, world.

I have reclaimed my domain! Will this blog be about rants? Professional research? My hobbies and interests? My way to hone my writing skills? Should I start a podcast?

There are so many possibilities but none seem to be profitable for the reader as of yet! The blogging landscape of 2006 has certainly evolved and changed over the past decade and a half. What could I possibly offer to the world that the rest of society hasn’t discussed already elsewhere in the internet? I don’t know yet or maybe that’s not the point, let’s see.